Thursday, September 29, 2016

7 Dots Studio September Challenge

Good morning everyone! 

I am sharing a tag I made today for the current 7 Dots Studio challenge using the one and only 12x12 paper I had and some stickers for the Lost And Found collection! It is such a gorgeous collection and I am waiting for the only store that carries it in Australia to reopen to buy the 6x6 paper pad. 

Here is the inspirational circle ...

Here is my tag ...

Thank you so much for dropping by! Have a good one :) Nadia

Saturday, September 24, 2016

13arts Challenge #46

Goodmorning! I am quickly popping in today to share a little motivational tag that I created for challenge #46 for 13arts

The challenge was to create a steampunk inspired project and this is my interpretation ..

I have used the gorgeous 13arts Secret Letters collection. I know there was a moodboard for inspiration too but these were the only 13arts papers I had sooo I hope its Ok??

That is all for today! I hope you have a good one :) 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Canvas Corp Brands September Challenge

Earlier in the week I spotted a Facebook friends' post about a massive prize they won from a previous Canvas Corp Brands challenge and it intrigued me because..well I am slowly building my little stash again LOL But besides that, I was intrigued by what Canvas Corp Brands were. I remember Canvas Corp from a while back and with the help of one of their designers, the lovely Mandy Leever-Koel , I went over to their blog HERE and discovered their current challenge which is this moodboard

CCB September 2016 Challenge

As we have just started Spring in Australia, I did not create an Autumn project that this moodboard lends itself to but I created this tag using the colours recommended..

That is all for today! I hope I have inspired you somewhat :)

Have a great weekend ahead.,

Monday, September 19, 2016

A mixed media birthday card!

Goodmorning. Today I am sharing a card I created last week for my husband's 41st birthday. Yes I know it is pink. Yes I know it has flowers and screams FEMININE but ..i created and gave it to him anyway and he was happy with it I am guessing? lol 

I know it is hard to spot, but I have used the gorgeous 7 Dots Studio Verano Azul collection that my friend Valia sent me all the way from Greece :) I loved the pink tones in it and the rest was just bound to be pinky!  

Lots of flowers and really loving the colours and textures from Finnabair's  collections for Prima!

That's all for today. I hope you are inspired in some way :) 

Friday, September 16, 2016

Mixed Media Place Creative Gym #20

Hey everyone. I hope you are all well. I am doing very well and I am really enjoying creating again and finding my lost "me" time again. It's always so hard for a mother to find a hobby that allows personal time without taking away family time, especially when the kids are young. Unfortunately I am the furthest you would find to being selfish, and I simply cannot go against my very nature and start doing things JUST for me. Creating is perfect because it can be done any time of day which is the biggest challenge mothers and of course myself face. So it has been great so far :) 

So I have been keeping my eye on the Mixed Media Place blog as it is full of inspiration. Have you visited it yet? 

I did a bit of shopping there about a month ago, as they also have an online shop which is based in Europe but has a whole heap of things you cannot find easily in Australia. My order arrived just the other day and I could not wait to get started.

Their current challenge is this mood board...

We are free to interpret this any way we like and create anything we like. So I created this card for this challenge. This card is for a friend, who upon hearing I am starting to create again but have NO supplies,  sent me a HUGE box full of things to play with. The things she sent me was all things that I would use which to me it means she knows me well and knows my style well,  so thank you Maria :)

 Stuff like that always make me a little emotional and VERY thankful for good friends and to tie it in with the Mixed Media Place challenge, I would say that friends like that are WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF! OK OK very loose interpretation of the challenge but I just wanted to play along OK? LOL But in all seriousness, acts like that mean a lot to me. Not because I got free stuff. But because she is a busy mother of 4 and took time out of her day to send something to ME :) 

Here is a picture of me mid creation... I REALLY LOVE these new acrylic paints from Finn for Prima. 

I have used the most stunning collection from 7 Dots Studio , 9th Wave, which I purchased from Mixed Media Place. And by purchased, I mean I only purchased 1 sheet and 1 die cuts sheet because that is all that sadly available as I do not think they print it anymore. If there is anyone out there with any 9th Wave paper or stickers etc I would love to buy them off you and pay for postage to send them to me :) 

I added the Art Alchemy acrylic paint to the background and as accents over the flowers. I also used Prima's Art Ingredients Art Stones, Mica Flakes and Glass Glitter to build texture. 

The flowers are from Kaisercraft. 

Well that is all for today. I hope I have inspired you somewhat! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Prima September CAT challenge

Hi everyone!

Firstly, THANK YOU all so much for the love on my previous post. Thank you for the support and encouraging words and thank you to all my friends around the world that didn't forget me even though I was absent for a while. I am enjoying this so far so we will see :) 

I have been spending a little time continuing to look at blogs to get some inspiration, just like when I first started creating all those years back.  I have always found challenge blogs very inspiring because they gave me ideas or some rules to follow when creating. So when I saw the current Prima "CAT" (Cards and Tags) challenge sketch  I thought "Great! Just what I needed". But after tonnes of Prima products that I received as part of my DT there, I was left with not one little tiny square of paper or flower to play with after giving up creating a year and a half ago... So a visit to The Scrapbook Store and a few days later I had a few flowers and a few papers (and of course other bits and pieces lol) to work with. 

I used the recent Vintage Emporium 6x6 paper pad and Ephemera pack, as well as some new and old flowers from Prima, Art Ingredients from Prima and of course some Vintage Trinkets from Prima on this card. 

I will admit I was going for a soft and romantic look so I have kept the mixed media light, using only some Faber Castell Whipped Spackle and a Dusty Attic mask as my background texture. 

Well that is all for today. Thank you for stopping by..
Love, Nadia

Monday, September 5, 2016

Hello from the other side...

Well I never thought I would see the day, but alas, I have managed to prove myself wrong because here I am posting on this blog again! 

You must understand what I mean by this.. I almost nearly shut this blog down but kept it just for the memories. I sold off ALL my scrapbooking supplies and had literally NOTHING! I was never doing this again I told myself. But here I am. I am not sure if anyone is still out there but if you are I'd love to hear from you in the comments. 

I indeed gave up scrapping.. I had absolutely lost all my passion and drive. I had no time and honestly I had achieved all my scrapping goals and was on all the teams I had endeavoured to be on and I guess it all got overwhelming for me. 

I always missed creating ... and when I would see memories on Facebook pop up I was aching inside because I missed it so much. But what got me over the line to start again was a number of comments from all different directions. One was from my daughters who said they missed my cards and layouts. Then recently a nudge from my sister in law to pick up the hobby again. another comment from one of my daughters lately that said "I am going to pick one of your beautiful cards to give my friend for her birthday" and when we did arrive at the birthday everyone ooohed and ahhhed over my card (an old one) and it just clicked.. I thought "If i was maybe OK at something why did i give it up?" . Anyway the rest is history. I just got online that night and ordered some basics from my favourite stores and I really want to create again... Its funny, this time around I dont need to have everything! Just a few things. I know exactly what to buy and what works etc etc . 

I guess I just had to literally get rid of it all , disconnect from creating and the online world before I could find my way back again. Life is strange...

So anyway, all else is well. I am still a primary school teacher and working away, 2 older daughters at school and little one still at home and all in all doing well. 

Now back to creating.. I really wanted some inspiration and of course I went back to what is familiar and the brands and blogs that I love ! Firstly I created this tag with my favourite 13arts.. I used their recent release called "Aura Rosa" and I entered this in the Words Their Way challenge blog where the mini challenge was to use the word "BEST" on a card, tag or ACT. This was always one of my most favourite design teams to be on and working with 13arts again was like a dream. 

Once I created this, I also hopped over to my other super amazing past design team 7 Dots Studio and the current design team there is once again very inspirational. While browsing there i came across their August challenge which was to use 7 Dots Studio products and metallic colours on a project..


Of course I looked very hard online to find some older 7 Dots Studio collections which are SOOOO hard to find these days :( . But anyway I managed to find a few Dreamer and Domestic Goddess papers here in Australia. Yeah we are going back a few years with these collections but I never ceased loving them!

I created 2 cards for this challenge, I hope that is OK? I was just feeling very inspired :) 

This is the first card I created with the Dreamer collection..

Here is the second card I created with the Domestic Goddess collection...

Well that is it for today! I hope I inspired you in some way and hope to be back again soon!

Love, Nadia

Saturday, March 28, 2015

A card for Prima

Hi everyone!
You might have noticed that things have slowed down a lot here and over the last few posts I have been saying that I am slowing down a lot more and that things on here will continue to slow down.. Well, yeah things have :( Without totally leaving scrapbooking behind, I have , over the last couple of months, stepped down from , most of my design team stuff as I pretty much found it unrealistic to keep up. 

I have a toddler that is thriving..going on to 2 and I want to not only spend more time with her during the day, but invest as much energy as I can into talking to her, taking her places during the day (dont think anything exotic.. more like the local shopping centre LOL), sit and draw with her, play games (even on the iPad, she's quite the champion!) with her, and just BE THERE! Be in the moment, be present. 

This means that all day is gone, bar the couple of hours she sleeps which is the time I use to pay the bills, do the admin for our business, start dinner, tidy up etc and the 2 hours goes in a flash before it is time to go get the older girls from school, drop them off to various after school activities, pick them up in now time, come home , continue dinner, do homework with them while above mentioned thriving toddler hangs off one arm and is screaming for attention, have dinner, clean up and leave things spotless (yeah 'cause I am OCD like that too!) , hang out with all kids and hubby, read the occasional story (because I was THAT mother that said I would read with my kids every night but these days I am exhausted !) , tuck kids in, go up and down the stairs 30 times because someone forgot something, and then finally sit on the lounge around 8 and am like a robot and can only watch mundane programs like My Kitchen Rules that require zero thinking...Then wake up and do it ALL OVER AGAIn the next day x 7 days a week x 365 days a year!

Are you exhausted just reading that? Try living it! LOL Oh i forgot to say in there somewhere that I am obsessive about the nutrition of our family, so I source , research etc organic, good quality produce from all different places and cook mostly everything that we eat from scratch.!! Yes because I added THAT to my life too!! LOL 

I am NOT complaining .. seriously I am not. I am just trying to make you see why scrapbooking and creating had to take a back seat . It is regrettable because I love it. I hope to continue with Prima a bit longer and then .. maybe I can continue just for myself. 

Honestly.. I love it. I had 2 Design Teams I considered to be the elite of Design Teams.. that was 7 Dots Studio and Prima Marketing. I made both of those at the same time and then after that.. well.. what is there ? I see my work standard is declining and I am not proud of my work as I once was. So maybe.. one day I will continue to just scrap for me.. I love it too much. 

 But anyway, I will still be around and I hope I can drop by from time to time to share some work :)
Today I am sharing with you a card that I made for Prima Marketing

Materials Used: 
Cork Stickers Cigar Box Secrets #576158
Shabby Chic Resin Treasures Marvelle #891459
Jute Trim Mulberry #576844
Color Bloom Sultry Shimmer Pressed Petal #573881
Art Ingredients Glass Glitter Gold Rush #961657
Elementals 7x9 Stencil Weaving #962333
Art Basics 3D Matte Gel #961398
Art Basics Heavy Gesso White #961374
Art Basics Modelling Paste #961411
Wine Singles Mulberry Flowers #PE-005-12
Classic Purple 24 Pieces Mulberry Flowers #PE-390-20P

Until the next time, its goodbye for now :) 

Friday, March 27, 2015

A mixed Media tag for Prima!

Hi everyone! Today I am sharing with you a card that I made for Prima Marketing with a focus Mixed Media. 

I have found that when you are first starting out trying Mixed Media projects it can be overwhelming. I have been there and purchased MANY products over the years but in the end you do only need a few things to get started and luckily Prima now offers most of them! You simply needs a few stencils, some staples like gesso, modeling paste, gel medium, and things like a couple of mists, pencils, markers etc. For this project I simply applied gesso to the paper, then modeling paste through the stencil gave it a quick hit of texture and then used cheesecloth hand more paper strips to create more layers. I finished it off with some simple embellishments and Color Bloom Sprays

"I have found that when you are first starting out trying Mixed Media projects it can be overwhelming. I have been there and purchased MANY products over the years but in the end you do only need a few things to get started and luckily Prima now offers most of them! You simply needs a few stencils, some staples like gesso, modeling paste, gel medium, and things like a couple of mists, pencils, markers etc. For this project I simply applied gesso to the paper, then modeling paste through the stencil gave it a quick hit of texture and then used cheesecloth hand more paper strips to create more layers. I finished it off with some simple embellishments and Color Bloom Sprays"

Materials List
Sunrise Sunset Celcius 
Art Ingredients Glass Beads Plum
Art Extravaganve  Glitter Luminous #961596
Mechanicals Winged #962432
Mechanicals Trinkets #961145
Finnabair Cling Stamps #962050
Elementals Stencil #961275
Color Blooms Sultry Shimmer Gilded #573911
Color blooms Sultry Shimmer Tangerine #573935